There are 3 possible reasons why you are getting a server error, or simply not able to sign in:

  1. Your internet is having issues connecting to our server (likely if you are in school)
  2. Your internet provider has blocked us
  3. You have another chrome extension that conflicts with Gom.

It is most likely the 3rd reason. To fix this:
  1. Right click on the Gom's flying woman icon on the right of your address bar
  2. Click Manage Extensions
  3. Remove all extensions except Gom
  4. Try Gom again

If it still does not work, try reinstalling Gom:

  1. Go to the Extensions page, you can do that by right clicking on the Gom's flying woman icon, and click Manage Extensions
  2. Remove Gom extension
  3. Install Gom again at
  4. Sign into Gom

If it doesn't work after trying the above steps, it's likely that your network has blocked us specifically.